DSC07839It is snowing again!  When will winter ever end?  Isn’t it supposed to be Spring!  These were many of the things people were saying last week as it snowed nearly every day last week.  Unfortunately, many don’t realize that this is simply spring in Montana!

One day last week, I was coming back from a run.  There was snow on the ground and it was snowing.  Yet, as I finished my run, I did so to a surround sound choir.  No…it wasn’t angelic voices from Heaven cheering me on to finish.  Nor was it my neighbors singing to me as I plodded toward my driveway.  In actuality, both of those groups who did see me probably wondered if they should be ready to provide emergency treatment!  The surround sound choir were the birds, sitting in trees all around me, singing their little hearts out to the glory of God.

I couldn’t help but pause and consider their song on such a snowy morning.  They had recently migrated back from warmer climates and sunnier skies…yet they sang.  They were exposed continually to the elements as they lived outdoors…yet they sang.  If anyone had reason to complain it was them.  Yet they sang their robust songs as if it was 75 degrees and sunny.

We should take a lesson from the birds that sang that morning who, instead of complaining, sang.   Likewise, we should turn from our constant complaining, choosing instead to praise our God.  Do you remember Philippians 2:14?  There Paul states, “Do all things without complaining and disputing.”

In reality, when we complain, we are not trusting in God, but declaring that He has failed us.  He hasn’t done as well as He could have.  In our assessment of His actions and decrees, He has been mediocre.  He has chosen poorly.  He hasn’t been good enough for us.  Friends, this is dangerous ground we often tread on without even thinking about it.  Sadly, complaining has become a normal way of thinking and speaking.  But, if God is truly sovereign, which Scripture is clear He is, then we should take a lesson from the birds.  We should cease from our complaining, which is grumbling against Him, and turn instead to praising our sovereign God.  In all reality, we have been saved from an eternity of suffering by His love and mercy!  In light of that….what do we really have to complain about?