Offensive Christmas Music

One of the things I look forward to every year is Christmas shopping.  I know…sounds strange to hear a guy say that…but it’s true!  It is something I have always…

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Sweet Meditations

It was one of those awful nights as a coach where you stare blankly out the bus window, wondering what in the world went wrong.  As the bus carrying the…

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Precious Dust

Last night after dinner, our family took a drive up into the mountains.  We parked along a creek and hiked a small trail that meandered along the tumbling water as…

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Wisdom or Fear?

Wisdom or fear?  This has been a question flowing frequently through my mind, like the planes that regularly flow along our house as they coast into the nearby airport.  A…

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Deep Waters

It was one of those hot August afternoons that found Jess and I fly fishing on the Blackfoot River.  When one needs childcare for such activities, one can’t be as…

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Discombobulated:  What a great word!  Just saying it over and over again out loud will probably bring a smile to your face!  It is a much under-used word!  What does…

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Don’t Waste Your Social Distancing!

I find it ironic that my last post was called “Thankfulness and Toilet Paper”.  Fitting.  Never before have we been so thankful to have toilet paper in the cupboard!  We…

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Thankfulness and Toilet Paper

Thanksgiving as a kid meant gathering with family at Grandma’s.  It meant tons of food before anyone cared about things such as calorie counting, carbs from fat, and Ketogenic.  It…

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Singing in the Snow

It is snowing again!  When will winter ever end?  Isn’t it supposed to be Spring!  These were many of the things people were saying last week as it snowed nearly…

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I Ubered

Two week ago from today I Ubered for the first time.  The first time I heard someone say that, I immediately thought, “Goodness!  That sounds serious!  I hope he went…

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