El Salvador, Day 5

day5-1You always wonder how the day is going to go when it begins in a doctor’s office.  This is how this day began.  We arrived there at 8:30 for Acey’s appointment for his aching tooth.  While we waited in the waiting area, the dentist examined Acey and determined he needed several fillings, a root canal, and a crown.  He sent him out to go get some breakfast and then come back.  Pastor Mario decided that we needed to go to Pizza Hut.  All of us assumed it would be breakfast pizzas.  However, when we walked in, it was like walking into IHOP: A full breakfast experience complete with all you can drink coffee!

With the Pizza Hut breakfast complete, we took Acey back to the dentist where he then stayed until 4:00.  Really, it is difficult to top 6 hours in a dentist chair!  In fact, Acey asked to stay until 5, but they had other patients.  Currently, Acey’s jaw is still hanging open, leaving his mouth available for spelunking flies.  Other than being a little awkward while eating, the situation is doable with his new bib to catch the dribbling food.  Thankfully, it is likely his jaw should close once again by Friday.  In all seriousness, we are thankful to the Lord, for the time in the dentist went well and Acey was able to get everything taken care of at a fraction of the cost in the US.  It certainly beat option two, which involved an ice skate and a Wilson volleyball!

While Acey sat in the dentist, the rest of us lounged at the pool and drank bottomless lemonade. (Just kidding).  Once Acey was situated at the dentist, the rest of us went over to a house that is home to a dozen or so college age students from the US who are here on a 9 month mission trip.  We spent some time with them and then I taught from James 3:13-18.  It was a great time and it was the first time teaching without a translator since we got here!  What a blessing to meet with young people who are here serving the Lord for an extensive period of time.

Today we decided to do something fun, exciting, adventurous, and daring.  We sat at the Blackstock home while Ryan got on the internet and we all gave him our orders for………McDonalds.  And then we waited.  15 minutes later, the doorbell rang and lo and behold there was…………McDonalds!  Once that moving experience was over, Blaine once again twisted our arm and got us to go over to Vive Espresso for some afternoon coffee.  After another “Divine Coffee” (in the words of Ben) we got to work on the different teachings we had to revise and work on.

Day 3 of the Discipleship Conference began with Champ teaching on the importance of being involved in the local church.  Not in the sense of just having something to do, but having yourself truly invested in the people there.  He did a great job and gave all of us a lot of good things to think about.  Ben then followed that up with his testimony of growth which was very encouraging to hear. Once again, it was a rich blessing to spend time with everyone and our times in discussion were a blessing.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is already our last day here.  We will spend most of tomorrow at the beach as it is the one day where nothing is going on during the day.  We also want to do some research on the amount of time it takes for winter Montana Gringos to turn a bright crimson red.  Right now, the hypothesis is 13.5 minutes.

Tomorrow night will be the final night of the Discipleship Conference.  I will be teaching, followed by Acey sharing his story of God’s work in his life.  I am greatly looking forward to it!

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