Cubs Win!

920x920This morning I opened my Facebook page to see it blown up with the comments and jubilation of Cub fans. Their excitement is truly justified for the Cubs haven’t won a World Series championship in 108 years. There is probably no one alive who last saw the Cubs win the World Series. From a sports perspective, it truly is an incredible and historical story! And…as one who greatly appreciates good sports stories, I was certainly hoping the Cubs would get the win.
However, as is often the case when a championship is won, I felt a sense of emptiness and sadness as I watched and read the responses. I sense it in my own heart as well when a team I am hoping will win a championship does indeed win it. I see our passion, our emotion, our elation, our vindication, our exuberance, our countenance and I wonder…do we have those same reactions to Christ?
Do we get as excited about Jesus as we do our team winning? Are we more amazed at the gift of salvation than the win of our team? Do we invest as much time into the people of God as we do into being a fan? Do we know as much about God’s Word as we do the roster and stats of our team? Do we worship our redeeming God with more passion than we have for our team winning the championship?  Are we as bold in our declaration of our team as we are the Gospel of Christ?  Do we speak as much of our Savior as we do of our team?
Cub fans rejoice! The incredible drought is over! But sports fans, let us remember where our hope and identity truly lies.  It lies in Jesus, who loved us and gave Himself for us (Galatians 2:20).  This is astounding!  The story of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is a fantastic story of redemption and I greatly appreciate it.  However, God’s story of redemption far surpasses it.  In fact, God’s story of redemption surpasses all stories!  And it is this story alone that will last for all of eternity!  God gives us things like sports to enjoy here on earth and it isn’t wrong to enjoy them.  But, in enjoying them, let us not forget where our greatest passion, elation, vindication, and identity truly must be!