Iniquity Truth

The house didn’t look too bad on the outside!   Sure, it had some problems, but over all, it didn’t look much worse than others we had looked at. However, as soon as we walked in the door, we discovered multiple problems. The old wood floor was full of cracks, splinters,…...

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Is Jesus Enough?

How many times do you use the words “if only”?  I certainly couldn’t count how many times I have thought or said those words!  If only I could get that fixed or if only I could afford that or if only I could get some rest.  Yet, something I have…...

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Cause Me to Hear!

I once had a student who was the epitome of a spoiled child. Though his father loved him, this student constantly criticized his father. In his mind, his father could never do enough for him and he was always upset with his father because his father wouldn’t let him do…...

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Growing Through the Summer Months

If one were asked, “What is the growing season in Montana?”, one would say the months of May, June, July, & August. It is during these months that the trees are leaved out, porches become colorful with flowers, and fenced plots grow full & tall with a variety of vegetables. Unfortunately,…...

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The Danger of Underestimating

The same story is in the news on a regular basis in Montana.  The only difference is the characters, the activity, and the time of year.  The story goes something like this.  Someone goes into the mountains hunting, fishing, hiking, or skiing and disappears.  Sometimes they are found alive, but…...

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El Salvador, Day 6

I am afraid I don’t have much to say tonight!  We all have to get up in a few hours and head to the airport for the flight home.  But, it was a great week and we were so blessed by the hospitality of everyone down here. Today was mostly…...

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El Salvador, Day 5

You always wonder how the day is going to go when it begins in a doctor’s office.  This is how this day began.  We arrived there at 8:30 for Acey’s appointment for his aching tooth.  While we waited in the waiting area, the dentist examined Acey and determined he needed…...

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El Salvador, Day 4

Day 4 is in the books!  Almost.  20 more minutes and it will be tomorrow!  Today was another great day with many memories.  We left the house today at 8 and drove out to pick up Ben & Acey.  Unfortunately, Acey got a bad tooth ache was not doing real…...

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El Salvador, Day 3

The air was cool and the sun had just risen when we got in the car at 7:15 and began the 30 minute drive to San Salvador from our home.  Suddenly, brake lights were in front of us and traffic came to a stop.  Thus began a stop and go…...

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El Salvador, Day 2

It is hard to believe another day has come and gone!  Yet, here we are at the close of another day.  The day definitely began with some grogginess!  However, we did wake up and arrived at church this morning at about 9:15.  We had a wonderful time worshipping our Lord…...

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